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    Your provider may suggest noninvasive treatments for lipedema, like: Lymphatic drainage massage, a gentle form of skin stretching/massage. Complex decongestive therapy, a massage with a compression wrap afterward. Pneumatic compression device, which you wear on your legs.

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Painful lipedema tissue is not an absolute requirement for the diagnosis of lipedema (Figure 1). 52 In a seminal paper on lipedema, only 40%–50% of women had pain or tenderness in the tissue. 53 Conservative therapies can reduce lipedema tissue pain ( Conservative and other therapies section), yet people still retain a diagnosis of lipedema.

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  • Current research focuses on the pathophysiology of lipedema and on the development of tools to facilitate its correct diagnosis and the exclusion of competing diagnoses. In this review, we present the current state of knowledge of, and hypotheses about, the etiology and pathogenesis of lipedema.

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    Conservative treatments can be thought of as lifestyle changes (better nutrition and more moderate exercise), mechanical (MLD, compression garments and compression pumps), and supplements/medications. Treatments that are cheap and easy to start include deep breathing, dry brushing and walking.

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    Complications of lipedema, like ulcers, lymphangitis, and erysipelas, can be the main patient concern and can be treated without liposuction. Because of all available therapies, lipedema requires an integrated multispecialty and multidisciplinary teamwork patient-centered approach.

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    Lipedema treatments range from lifestyle strategies to surgery. A doctor may use multiple strategies at the same time to reduce symptoms and the discomfort they cause. Lipedema can progress.

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    High Street, Suite A. Sebastian, FL. Ph: Fax: Dear Therapist, The Academy of Lymphatic Studies is the leading provider for training and certification in Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique) and Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema Management in the U.S.

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    Department of Rehabilitation Services Standard of Care: Lymphedema Case Type / Diagnosis: Lymphedema is an excessive accumulation of high protein fluid (lymph) in the interstitial spaces.

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