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Aim: To assess the incidence of voiding dysfunction in women undergoing a tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure and report our experience with nonsurgical and surgical management. Methods: Pre- and postoperative introital ultrasonographic measurement of the residual volume was performed in a prospective observational study.

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    The retropubic tension-free vaginal tape has been the preferred method for primary surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence and stress-dominated mixed urinary incontinence in women for more than 20 years. This study presents long-term safety and efficacy data and assesses risk factors for long-term recurrence.

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    TVT (tension-free vaginal tape) and TOT (transobturator tape) are procedures that lift a woman’s sagging bladder or urethra into normal position. During surgery, a narrow band of tape is placed under the urethra. The tape supports the urethra and bladder like a hammock. Why do I need a TVT or TOT procedure? Your doctor may recommend a TVT or TOT.

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    Conclusion: Bleeding complications during or after TVT procedure are rare events. Increased intraoperative bleeding can usually be managed with electro-coagulation, compression, and drainage. Level of evidence: II

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  • Two cases of necrotizing infections after TVT placement have been reported [26,27]. It was speculated that the presence of localized infection and morbid obesity could be possible risk factors for the development of necrotizing infections. Intensive resuscitation was necessary in one of these cases to resolve the problem.

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    We reviewed all patients who underwent a tension-free vaginal tape procedure (TVT) between April and June Prolonged voiding dysfunction was defined as the need to perform intermittent catheterisation for more than 1–2 weeks, and a subjective feeling of incomplete emptying.

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      One common procedure to help treat stress incontinence is transvaginal taping (TVT) bladder tack. This is an inpatient operation that uses a small piece of mesh to help support your urethra, the.